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NEC Valuestar X VX780/GD packs Blu-ray and liquid-cooling

Cyrus Farivar

While there aren't too many PCs that come with standard Blu-ray drives as of yet, there is surely also only a small selection that come with standard liquid-cooling. Well, a prototype of the new NEC Valuestar X VX780/GD with both is currently on display at the Ceatec expo in Chiba, outside Tokyo. According to IDG News Service, the Valuestar runs super-quiet at 31 decibels, or slightly above a whisper. Beyond the slick cooling system and the swanky optical drive, the computer comes with a digital TV tuner, a 3.4GHz Pentium D processor, 1GB of RAM, dual 250GB hard drives, a remote control, and a 20-inch LCD. But all those bells and whistles will set you back a hefty ¥543,000 (over $4,600), so start fishing out those stray yen coins out of your couch now. Hundreds of thousands of them.

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