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Novac's SATA HDD Kit Mini: hooks up disks over USB


If you've every wanted to connect a SATA disk on the quick, then look no further for that fix than the SATA HDD Kit Mini from Novac of Japan. While it'll get you connected via accompanying cables to either SATA or eSATA disks just fine, don't expect this pup to be pumping data across the USB 2.0 bus anywhere near eSATA's 2.4Gbps transfer rate after that stick deals with the USB 2.0 step-down and protocol translation. If you really need that kind of speed but lack a native eSATA connector on your motherboard, then you'd better be looking the way of Ratoc's ExpressCard. Still, for just ¥3,980 or right around $34, this'll probably get you by in a pinch.

[Via Impress]

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