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Princeton's PSP-312IPIR2: 2.1ch iPod travel speakers


Not likely to be your ordinary set of tin-can, iPod travel speakers, we bring you this 2.1ch setup from Princeton. Conflictingly dubbed the PSP-312IPIR2 (uh, "PSP" Princeton?), this kit appears capable of delivering what the others miss. Namely, a couple of 3W / 4Ω speakers with dedicated 6W / 4Ω subwoofer which can hopefully deliver a little thump when on the go. The bundle brings that "made for iPod" badge of whoredom and delivers a 3.5-mm jack, universal dock with remote, choice of USB / Firewire connectivity back to your PC / Mac, up to 25 hours of continuos play off 4x AAA batteries batteries, and simulated 3D sound at the touch of a button. Best of all, it folds down flat into a 421-gram / 0.93-pound slab (with remote, no batteries) for fairly easy portability. Available in black or white with plenty of that blue LED action for ¥12,800 or about $108 when they hit Japan later this month. Check that sub and folding transformation after the break.

[Via Impress]

Update: So, Made for iPod isn't the only badge these are wearing; how 'bout trying on rebadge Princeton since these have been out as the Logic3 i-Station for more than a year. Thanks to our readers for the gentle reminder.

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