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Sony to get a marketing makeover


It's pretty obvious that Sony and its image in the public realm has depreciated over the past few months. They're ridiculed time and time again by many writers on the internet (Joystiq included), using old internet memes about giant enemy crabs and real time weapon switching. Behind the humor, there are some real concerns that they need to address:

With their stocks taking a huge plunge, many are wondering if there is a future for Sony, and if it's learning from its mistakes. Well, Sony's eating some humble pie as of late, even admitting to the weakening quality of their products. They're taking another step for the better: they're getting a new ad agency. According to, Sony is finally re-examining their brand, and will try to completely makeover their corporate identity. With the all-important PlayStation 3 about to launch, Sony better get their act together... fast.

[Via CVG]

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