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TDK unveils 16.5GB mini Blu-ray discs at CEATEC

Darren Murph

If you think those 50GB Blu-ray blanks are asking a bit much from the ole wallet, and haven't found a Blu-ray burner without all sorts of issues to begin with, TDK is moving forward anyway with its latest twist on Blu-ray technology. It's only fitting that the same folks bringing us the 200GB variety have announced their plans to drop a smaller, more compact version, and that's precisely what happened at today's CEATEC festivities. The 8-centimeter recordable disc handles 16.5GB on a single layer, and is being designed for next generation camcorders, such as the ones Hitachi's been showing off at the same show. Although nothing definitive has been said, the groundwork has apparently been laid for a dual-layer variety (that's 33GB for those still counting) to hit shelves in the even-more-distant future.

[Via Ubergizmo]

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