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Sony says European gamers "don't mind" delays and later releases

Blake Snow

Some one needs to get Sony a PR firm. Not that their statements are always wrong (though some are), but just because you can say something, doesn't mean you should. Case in point: Sony executive VP Jamie MacDonald had this to say when asked by regarding later releases (or delays) in Europe:

"European consumers have shown that historically they don't mind [the delays], because they end up buying as many PlayStations, if not more, than the US and Japan. In Europe, it doesn't seem that the release of our platforms after the US and Japan-in the long run-affects how consumers feel ... If we were sitting here in five years' time, I don't think we'd really think about or notice that PlayStation 3 was four or five months later in Europe."

The man has a point. I don't think anyone remembers the PS2 being released in the US almost eight months after Japan in 2000, and Europe getting the console one month after the US. But when you specifically delay a product in a region by your mismanagement (read: PS3), don't suggest your consumers are indifferent to the blunder.

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