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Toshiba's "world's slimmest" 0.99-mm LCD for cellphones


Like the self-satisfaction felt upon arriving at Carhenge in slaughterhouse central, Toshiba Matsushita can lay claim to a hollow victory in this, the latest "world's slimmest" TFT-LCD. This 0.99-mm slimster kicks that ol' 1.3-mm fatty from LG.Philips squarely to the curb by trimming the paunch and matching the lower estimate of its 300 to 400 nit brightness. Meant for cellphones, the display delivers a 240x320 QVGA resolution on that 2-inch diagonal / 3.5-gram screen. Just don't get too worked up at the thought of a sub-6mm phone anytime soon -- the first samples won't roll to manufactures until April 2007. Oh Tosh, why must you tease?

[Via Slashphone]

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