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Ubisoft vows to beat EA


Ubisoft's epic scheme to take over the world -- or at least the gaming industry -- was revealed to the world when Reuters interviewed chief exec Laurent Detoc yesterday. Their dastardly plan? Become the world's numero uno game publisher.

Yeah, as dastardly plans go, that one's pretty tame. But they're serious in their determination to avoid being snapped up by Electronic Arts. Gaming giant EA has been trying to take control of Ubisoft since late 2004. And what's Ubisoft's main weapon in their war? We are ... or more accurately, Wii. Ubi hopes to use their early support of the console and their strong launch lineup to fuel their upward mobility and continued independence. And while Ubisoft just keeps getting better and better, EA is struggling with their sports titles (and more) lately. While we're lately big fans of EA's efforts for the Wii, we may have to land on the side of Ubisoft in the event of a ground war. Let's pray it doesn't come to that. Can't we all just play along?

[Via Joystiq]

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