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Where was Too Human at X06? Dyack explains

Ross Miller

Eclipsed by a plethora of announcements at X06, Too Human's absence went without much of a fuss. In a recent post on developer Silicon Knights' blog, President Denis Dyack explained that the decision was "made immediately after E3. We made the decision to next show the game when we are ready and we knew that X06 would not be the right time."

Leaving Too Human MIA from X06 was likely the best decision after their less-than-stellar slide show presentation at E3. Dyack asserts that the game is "shaping up to be our best game to date." and concludes that "there will be a preview of the game in the future ..."

As we understand it, future tense spans a rather wide time period, giving Silicon Knights the right to show Too Human sometime in 2046 without breaking its promise. We would've preferred Dyack given the most-reassuring-yet-more-confusing future perfect subjunctive tense: "We will have had shown a preview of the game in the future."

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