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Bose TriPort OE headphones

Ryan Block, @ryan

We know how excited some of you get at the idea of new Bose gear, and so to you we'd like to introduce their latest TriPort cans, the TriPort OE headphones. (Uh, the OE stands for on-ear.) They're not telling people much more than the TriPort OE features "proprietary Bose headphone technologies" and a detachable 43 or 16-inch single-cabled tether to your audio source. You'll know when we do, but for now count on paying, well, a lot.

P.S. -We also heard that the OE will feature a counterpart headset, the IE, which stands for -- you guessed it -- in-ear. C'mon Bose, everybody's doing it. Oh, and the original TriPorts will now be AE, for around ear. So there you go.

[Thanks, Alex]

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