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Microsoft's Japan-only Blue Dragon bundle [update 1]

Vladimir Cole

If you're wondering why us round-eyes ain't gonna see a price break on the Xbox 360 this holiday, Japan might have something to do with it.

See, Microsoft has put together this sweet, Japan-only Blue Dragon bundle that probably ain't gonna do much to enhance the company's bottom line (read: it's likely subsidized), but will (they hope) juice the 360's pitiable sales in that country.

For just ¥29,800 (approximately $252 at the time of this writing), Japanese gamers will walk off with a basic Xbox 360, the Blue Dragon game itself, a limited-edition faceplate (aren't they all?), and five Blue Dragon figurines, according to the fine folks over at Siliconera.

We've inserted images of the goods after the break.

[Update 1: Post comments have been locked as the bulk of comments posted were off-topic.]

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