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More Blu-ray titles and region-coding

Ben Drawbaugh

Ever since CES last year we have expected Blu-ray to have more titles than HD DVD, but here we are now in the 4th Quarter and HD DVD still has a sizable lead in the content category. Sure Disney just got started and Fox gets started next month. Last week was one of the first weeks with any mentionable releases for either format, which indicates some inconsistency considering the record number of titles released the week before. We're sure Blu-ray wants to have more titles available than HD DVD by Christmas and it apears things are already starting to heat up as new Blu-ray titles are announced almost constantly, including The Descent from Paramount, The Devil Wears Prada and Transporter 2 from Fox, all in December around Christmas. And in January We Were Soldiers and The Manchurian Candidate also from Paramount. These titles continue the Day and Date release trend we all love. It's not all good news as the BDA also starts to roll out Region-coding, the regions are bigger than on DVD, but still. Luckily for those Anime fans Japan and the US are in the same region.

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