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Sony says no PSP price drop this year


Sony product manager John Koller has said that consumers should not expect a drop in the price of the PSP anytime this year. Koller elaborated by saying that "we don't necessarily see the need to cut the price," and then mentioned using "broader value" in order to attract new customers, which is a reference to 110 new games which Sony hopes to launch on the PSP before the year is out. Whenever the topic of discussion comes onto the price of game consoles, we'll inevitably draw parallels to the equivalent price of said console's rival: in this case, the cheapest PSP package will sell for at least $70 more than the Nintendo DS for the rest of '06. In the past, Sony has tried to distance the PSP from the DS by repeatedly touting the device's multimedia features, so hopefully the 110 new games will make the company feel a little more secure. The "Play" in PlayStation Portable has always meant games, and multimedia features can only justify the PSP's higher price for so long.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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