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Tekken girls get real... and naked [Update 1]


Oh no, PSP Fanboy is using sex to promote its site again! It's true... they say that sex sells, and the people behind Tekken know it. For a Maxim photo shoot, they had some models dress up (or down) as Tekken models. Taking some inspiration from Dead or Alive, the photographers then placed those models under running water. The following video won't disappoint you... unless you're at work and your boss realizes what kind of pevert you are. So, I'm giving this an EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK notice. Enjoy!

[Update 2: New PSP-compatible video and newly hosted video after the cut. Sweet, huh? (Streaming video coming soon. Sorenson isn't working, drats!)]

Want to download a PSP-compatible version? Look no further, buddy.

The game is now available in stores. Don't buy it thinking the girls will be in it though.

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