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PlayStation 3 billboard, modified

Vladimir Cole

Joystiq reader Smellslikepie sent us his clever adaptation of the PlayStation 3 billboard that you've likely seen circulating about the net. W3've f3atured his l33t cr3ation above.

Seriously, though: Sony's stuck between a rock and a hard place. Remember the flak that Microsoft caught last holiday for advertising their console even as it faced massive shortages? Sony now enjoys the same unenviable position. In a shortage situation, advertising only drives consumer frustration; no amount of advertising at this stage is going to sell another PS3. To spur sales, Sony needs to crank PlayStation 3s out of its factories.

Sony should save its advertising dollars for when those dollars have a chance of making an actual impact. All this advertising is doing right now is driving customers to barren shelves flanked by competitor products.

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