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Rumor: VirtualPSP lets you play PSP games on you PC


The homebrew scene never fails to amaze me. The most noteworthy project on the scene, next to the virtual touch screen, has to be "VirtualPSP" a PSP emulator for the PC. S!ms, the programmer, posted a few pictures over at DCEmu, but as you know, in the homebrew world, pictures usually mean nothing. Here's an excerpt from the post he wrote:

I am working on a PSP Emulator for the PC (32bit currently), called VirtualPSP. It is a fully working PSP, but now on your PC... As you see it is working, but it runs very slow. Maybe it is my PC (1.3Ghz/256MB RAM), but i'll try to fix this and let some people try. Online play (infrastructure) will be available too, all connecting Peer to Peer. (My server will function as a main host). I need some time to get this fully working though. I can connect to my LAN pc's, but it freezes when the game's loading. I'll try to fix this anyway. Maybe i can add Ad-hoc function through the internet? (Like KAI) And no, i'm not gonna release this *yet*.
We'll see where this goes. While we don't support piracy here at the Fanboy, it's always interesting to see how far fans can push their technical skills. Stay tuned for more.

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