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Japanese first-party PS3 games 5980 ($50 USD)


Remember how PlayStation 3 games were supposed to cost a fortune in Japan? Like, $75 to $85 a pop? Well, you can clear that space in your brain, as Sony has announced first-party launch titles Resistance and Genji will be priced at ¥5980 (about $50 USD), as will future first-party title MotorStorm. Third-parties have already announced higher prices, like Sega's ¥7140 asking price for Sonic and Sega Golf Club.

Of course, this is commensurate with US pricing for Xbox 360 titles, where first-party titles go for $50 and third-party titles fetch the princely sum of $60. Of course, the announcement that the Microsoft-published, but not developed, Gears of War will command the higher $60 was met with some mild hissing.

According to Sony's own SonyStyle website, both first- and third-party games are going to be going for the full $60 in the US. Is this another case where Japan lucks out and gets the goods for less (like their $425 PS3), or has Sony not yet finalized their software pricing? As reliable as retail websites usually are for getting the scoop on video game news (uhhh), we're gonna wait this one out until Sony gives us the official official word ... like they just did Japan.

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