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Possible leaked screenshots of the new LFG and PvP windows?

David Nelson

The new LFG system that Blizzard has been hinting at is one of the things I am most looking forward to in the expansion. The current system, either using meeting stones (nobody does) or braving the LFG channel (if you're crazy) simply is not up to the task. These screenshots over at Gaming Hybrid seem to indicate a rather robust looking for group system and PvP matchmaking service awaits us in the Burning Crusade.

If these screenshots are legit, and I have no reason to believe they aren't, that could mean that the days of looking for a group while sorting through endless spam could be at an end. Granted, the best way to find a group now is within your friends list or guild ranks, but this seems to be a much better solution than Blizzard's previous efforts at helping us find a party of like-minded adventurers. You can check out the screenshots after the jump.

[Thanks Gamerz22 for sending this in and Gaming Hybrid for providing the leaked pictures!]

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