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Sanyo's NVA-HD1500DT spreads the 1Seg love

Cyrus Farivar

If you're one of those people who really needs to watch television all the time, including while driving, then you should both stay off the road and also check out Sanyo's latest top-of-the-line 1Seg product: the NVA-HD1500DT. It comes with a 30GB hard drive, a 1Seg tuner, a DVD player, GPS and a 7-inch screen -- we're assuming that the hard drive is for storing various digital media, but wonder if it could also be used (or hacked) as an over-the-air DTV DVR. You'll be able to cruise the Tohoku Highway decked out with the NVA-HD1500DT beginning on October 25, but only after you drop a cool ¥247,800, (nearly $2,100) for the priv.

[Via Akihabara News]

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