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T-Mobile hearts Apple. Deal in the works?


MacRumors cites an ABC News [via PC Magazine] report that T-Mobile's CEO (USA), Robert Dotson, spent a bit of time at a press conference last Friday discussing what a shining example of innovation Apple is and how "Apple's and T-Mobile's visions seem to be aligned."

Dotson refused to comment on the possibility or likelihood of a T-Mobile/Apple partnership on any upcoming products or services, and even downplayed the importance of mobile music and video in the 3G (mobile broadband) marketplace, although he did speak highly of Apple's upcoming Mac OS X Leopard and more specifically the trend toward dynamic, image-rich email communications, which Mail 3.0 will be optimized for.

Perhaps there's a mobile Mail-enabled phone coming soon to a T-Mobile kiosk near you? Maybe all these years of iPhone rumors have gotten it all wrong and the future isn't about cramming MP3s onto your cell phone, but making your cell phone more useful as a text-based communication device! I don't think I'll be giving up my Blackberry any time soon, but the prospect of a better cellphone mail interface is appealing.

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