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Trailer for Rockstar's LA Noire is Ellroy-esque

LA Noire, Rockstar's latest, takes you out of the role of a late 20th century street thug breaking laws in locations as exotic as Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas, and dumps you into the role of a detective, solving "a series of gruesome murders" in a gritty black-and-white, 1940s Los Angeles.

LA Noire looks like the videogame love child of James Ellroy's Hollywood noirs, like LA Confidential, and the classic chiaroscuro of films like Double Indemnity. Toss in an open-ended city (Team Bondi, the developer, did work on The Getaway), some cinematic storytelling, and you've got something that certainly sounds like it follows the GTA formula. Let's call it Grand Theft Auto: Noir City. There's no gameplay on display here, so we're not sure if this is what we can expect the finished product to look like (it seems doable), or if this is just a "target render."

Noire is a next-gen title without any platform loyalties announced just yet, though some major sites seem to think it's been confirmed for the PS3. But with Grand Theft Auto dropping its long-standing exclusivity, like many other next-gen titles, the lack of a console name on the official site may be sign of an impending exclusivity mystery, ala Assassin's Creed.

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