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Blue Eye rocks a scanner with a gesture-based interface

Cyrus Farivar

Sure, it's by no means the first gesture-based interface that we've seen, but the combination of a scanner with a Minority Report-esque setup comprise this invention, which its Dutch inventors are calling the "Blue Eye." From what we can tell based on the Eindhoven University of Technology's video, Blue Eye is a glass table and a camera mounted overhead all rolled into a slick touch-based UI. Once an object is placed on the table and you push a button, the camera takes a quick snapshot of that object, cropping out the background. Further, you can take pictures of an object in various orientations to create a simple animation right on the table -- ok, so it's not that crazy powerful even compared to the PS3 demo at E3, but go watch that hypnotic video of theirs already and groove to the hip background music.

[Via NewScientist]

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