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Curse offers hints on expansion World PVP

Mike Schramm

Those wacky kids over at Curse have posted a few impressions of the World PVP options in the Burning Crusade on their forums. Being as the Alpha is supposed to be closed, we're not completely sure how Blizzard feels about that, but considering they haven't been entirely forthcoming with info about World PVP, these impressions are better than nothing.

There are three zones covered here, and while the first two, Hellfire Peninsula and Zangamar Marsh, don't sound much different from what we have now in Eastern Plaguelands (the only difference being that in the Marsh, holding control points grants you not only a buff but access to a midzone graveyard), the third, in Nagrand, sounds much more interesting. Halaa is an entire controllable city held by whatever faction has grabbed it lately, and not only are there, Curse says, NPCs inside to turn in tokens and quests, but outside, on the four bridges that act as access points to the inner island, you'll be able to find "Wyvern Posts" at which you can hire flying mounts to use as bombadiers. Not only that, but there are guards inside the city that fight with or against you. Now that sounds cool-- it's like a whole other battleground, but in an overworld zone.

Curse also mentions new rewards specifically for World PVP. Just as you can loot turn-in tokens from fallen players now in AV, there will be new tokens and purchaseable, zone-based buffs and items for World PVP rewards as well. There's also a few notes about Arena PVP, but I get the feeling that until we see some real maps for the setups Blizzard is planning, we won't have a good idea of what kind of strategic play they're looking for. Still, this is definitely more than we've ever heard about the new World PVP before, and it's great to see that Blizzard is trying to formalize and encourage the gigantic battles that used to be a part of World PVP in the past.

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