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EB-Gamestop launches download service, "largely garbage" declares 1UP


EB Games and Gamestop have launched a download service, staking claim in the growing industry trend to distribute content digitally. If you're familiar with the conglomerate retailer's websites, the setup is straightforward, giving browsers near-instant access to over 1,000 PC titles; though it's a collection that has been criticized by 1UP as being "largely garbage."

We're also concerned about prices. The games range from $9.99 to $49.99, but, for example, Texas Hold 'Em and Zuma, which are featured on the Gamestop (pictured) and EB pages, both retail for $19.99, whereas XBLA versions of the same games retail for just $10. Still, as 1UP points out, there are a few gems to be unearthed from the trash heap (e.g., 1942, Civilization III, Deus Ex, & Heroes of Might and Magic). Unfortunately, the sites lack a satisfying interface for sorting out these favorites from the rubbish.

Looks like an act of desperation to us. This service needs a makeover and more reasons for us to check it out. Anyone cashed in on a game yet? How are the download speeds?

[Via 1UP]

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