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HD DVD Mobile Experience drops by the Today Show

Matt Burns

The HD DVD Mobile Experience is on its way to the Digital Life Expo this weekend but stopped by the Today Show earlier this morning for public relations and Al Roker talked with paid HD DVD consultant Omar Wasow for a bit after the weather about this new DVD format and promotional tour. The paid advocate 'explained' to the millions of viewers the differences between the two new formats by stating that Blu-ray is "more popular with gamers" and that HD DVD is more of a "mass consumer device" because of the [$500] cheaper price and, you ready for this, the format has more titles. Who would have thought six months ago that in the middle of October, the HD DVD format could state on national television that its format has more titles? (22 more titles by our count) While Blu-ray does have more studios backing the format, HD DVD has been keeping their title lead since the format's launch and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. We just wonder if the tour stopped by the show just because it was in town or did it have something to do with the fact that Universal Studios is a major backer of HD DVD and is a sister company of NBC Universal who produces the Today Show?

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