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NeoDigits announces the HELIOS H4000 HD Upscaling DVD player

Matt Burns

With all the fuss over HD optical discs, sometimes we forget that there are some nice low cost solutions to tide our HD cravings over till the next-gen format players drop in price. NeoDigits' latest offering into the crowded market of DVD upscalers -- the highly versatile H4000 -- is a great example. This player not only supports DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD, HDCD, MP3, WMA, MPEG 4, and DivX but also allows users to output nearly any resolution over its three high-def outputs. Say for instance a person wants to output 1080p over component, this player can do that (just like its older brother); or perhaps a higher-end A / V enthusiast wants to output the signal to an external video processor at 480i via HDMI -- that's kosher too. All-in-all there are eleven different resolutions that the H4000 can output over the composite, S-Vid, component, HDMI and VGA jacks. We hear ya if the whole HD DVD/Blu-ray battle is just to scary right now to jump feet first into at least a $500 investment, but maybe the $169 tag on the H4000 will be a tad easier to swallow when the player is released on October 17.

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