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Some WoW players are incredible dorks? I never noticed.

David Nelson

The guys at are linking to a Wikipedia article where World of Warcraft fanatics are taking apart the infamous WoW South Park episode bit by bit to point out any inaccuracies. Don't these people know they sound exactly like the Comic Book Guy and should give it a rest? Apparently not.

The show was fun to watch, and I get that there were some oddball, not-quite-faithful Warcraft moments in the episode, but beyond a quick mention, is it really worth keeping track of all of them? I guess this is amusing for some people, but I tend to put this kind of obsessive nerd behavior in the same category as the guy who paints himself in his team colors or the dude who learns Klingon. I am a super-huge geek, no doubt, but this kind of stuff crosses my limit of what is worth caring about. But hey, to each his own.

What do you guys think? Way too obsessive, or just some people having fun?

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