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Sony Australia: Wii "a bit pricey"

Kyle Orland

"For what it specifically does as a video games machine [it] is a bit pricey." No, this quote isn't from yet another analyst bemoaning the PS3's high price point; it's from Sony Computer Entertainment Australia Managing Director Michael Ephraim, talking about the Wii's AU$400 price point in an interview with a blog associated with Australia's Age newspaper. Ephraim also mentioned that the Xbox 360 "appeals only to a very core group" and, at a little over AU$600, is "still pricey."

Ephraim was not asked what he thought about the PlayStation 3's AU$1,000 price point, but I think it's fair to guess the word "pricey" wouldn't be anywhere near his answer. Seriously, when many analysts and consumers consider a high price point to be your system's major weakness, you shouldn't be talking smack about the affordability of the competition.

[Via Aussie-Nintendo, thanks Ignatius]

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