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Top 10 annoying things about next-gen consoles

Blake Snow

Unfettered Blather explores 10 annoying things about next-generation console gaming. Other than missing "an increase turnout of unbridled enthusiasm," the post does a pretty good job at capturing a large majority of next-gen cultural nuances. Number three on the list brings up an interesting point: "$60 games? Expensive peripherals? Consoles being released at a $600 price point? Anyone notice that desktop computers just continue to go down in price despite becoming ever more powerful? Consoles still have a lot of advantages over PCs, but the most powerful incentive of console games is weakening."

Weren't home consoles intended to be cheaper gaming alternatives to begin with for home consumers in lieu of several thousand dollar PCs of the late 70s and early 80s? Has the plug-n-play game value of home consoles increased as much as next-gen manufacturers are charging, especially given technology's ability to alleviate price inflation?

Maybe what this generation really marks is the transition of consoles towards becoming LRCs (living room computers) that offer much more than just a gaming experience. And perhaps the biggest resentment of all stems from classic gamers still coming to terms with the fact that no next-gen offering, including by Nintendo, will strictly provide game-only hardware as the platform traditionally has.

[via Kotaku]

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