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Nintendo World 2006 announced for Japan

Blake Snow

Nintendo announced a new company hosted event today slated for Japan on November 25-26 in Nagoya, Osaka, and Makuhari Messe which is the same location as the Tokyo Games Show and previous Space World events. Admission is free and visitors will be allowed to dirty up pretty white Wiimotes and DS Lites for a chance at peeping new demonstrations and games.

Gamespot reports in light of Nintendo's absence at this year's Tokyo Games Show: "The event, which was announced on Nintendo's Web site today, will be called Nintendo World 2006. This name recalls both the Nintendo World Touch DS! event held across Japan prior to the DS launch in 2004, and Nintendo's old Space World shows, which haven't been held since 2001."

No word yet if similar events will be held elsewhere or on an annual basis, but the 'Stiq will attempt to muster up some Japanese correspondents for added coverage this November.

[via Gamespot]

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