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Qualcomm's Eudora goes free and open source


Qualcomm announced today that in 2007 they will begin releasing their esteemed email client, Eudora, as an open source and free application. The new version will be based on the same platform as Mozilla's Thunderbird and the final commercial versions of Eudora for both Windows (7.1) and Mac (6.2.4), available now at a reduced price of $19.95, will cease being sold once the open source version is out. Technical support for newly registered owners of the discounted commercial version will extend for a 6-month period and include three "incidents", but the company says that existing one-year/six-call support commitments will be honored in their entirety. Additional details can be found in the Eudora Announcement FAQ.

Back in the days when I had a job that required using Windows at work I used Eudora exclusively so that I could easily move my mailbox files back and forth between Mac and PC. It's been years since I've personally used it, but recent encounters with Eudora on the Mac were a shock to the system. Always a powerful email client (behold the power of the X-Eudora-Setting), with a vibrant user support community, I was shocked that the interface had barely changed a bit in 10 years! Some might find that endearing but I found it jarring to have that particular UI - Aquafied just enough so that you didn't think you'd mistakenly launched Classic - floating in a sea of otherwise brushed metal goodness.

How many of you are currently using Eudora (paid or ad-supported) or plan to give it another shot when it goes open source?

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