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Sega teams with Planet Moon to unleash After Burner

Chris Powell

Back in August, we revealed that Planet Moon would bring one of Sega's classics to the PSP. Well, they announced said game, and it just so happens to be After Burner: Black Falcon.

"As huge fans of the original After Burner, we are delighted to re-imagine this classic arcade franchise," said Planet Moon Studios CEO Bob Stevenson. "Most importantly, it's approximately 9000% more portable than the original arcade cabinet."

The game, which is due out in 2007, will feature ad-hoc versus and co-op modes and will allow
feature 19 licensed fighter planes. Also, Planet Moon has gone the extra mile by throwing in a storyline into the game. Yeah, I guess those are important nowadays. Apparently it will be up to you to stop Black Falcon, group of mercs that have stolen 13 war planes.

Let's hope Planet Moon can give this series the kind of loving care it deserves.

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