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TUAW Podcast #11

David Chartier

It is time once again boys and girls for the TUAW Podcast. On this latest episode #11, Laurie A. Duncan and I got down to business discussing Apple's recent stock options investigation results, Steve's confirmed keynote for Macworld 07 as well as the event's doubled size, the upcoming new .Mac webmail and whether it's important, the growing passion for RSS readers and what I like to call Adobe's Universal Blunder™.

The podcast (or for all y'all Leo supporters out there: netcast) in MP3 format (I know: we're working on support for an enhanced version) weighs in at just under 35MB and 38:08, and it's available from our TUAW podcast feed in the iTS, or right here. Enjoy.

Update: we also have a dedicated podcast RSS feed for the non-iTS users out there:

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