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Did Warner cut its high-def DVD projections enough?


Warner Home Video recently recalculated its expectations for customer spending on Blu-ray and HD DVD combined in 2006, mostly due to delays in bringing new Blu-ray players to market. Even after that, this Motley Fool writer isn't sure that the new numbers are accurate either. He states that Warner's projections still put high definition DVD hardware and software on the highest sales pace ever a consumer electronics platform, outpacing the original DVDs. With a format war and so many technical complications, he prefers Disney's slower wait-and-see approach to Warner spending a lot of money hitting both platforms from the start with high profile titles and interactive features. That's probably not the same opinion many of us have about the next-gen DVD rollout, but if you weren't sure why some companies are taking a slower approach to it gives a bit of insight into their way of thinking.

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