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Gamestop Wii pre-order confirmed for tomorrow [update 1]

Kyle Orland

[update 1: Gamestop has just sent an e-mail to newsletter subscribers confirming that stores across the U.S. will be taking Wii pre-orders for $50 tomorrow. Only one reservation will be accepted per household and the e-mail warns that allocations are likely to sell out within minutes. The e-mail also confirms that Canadian stores will be taking pre-orders for the Wii and PS3 on Monday, Oct. 16]

While we still haven't received official official word from Gamestop in the form of an e-mail alert or press release, reports from Gamestop and EBGames employees across the country confirm that the major retail chain will indeed be taking Wii pre-orders when they open on Friday, Oct. 13. Word apparently filtered down through an e-mail sent to the chain's 3,600 stores late last night. Three different stores confirmed to Joystiq that $50 down would be enough to reserve a system.

Reports on how many units are available per store vary -- one employee told Joystiq they'd be receiving 36 units, another said 32, yet another told us "under 20." Still other stores seem unwilling or unable to officially confirm the pre-order date or units available without the official word from Gamestop corporate. Regardless of what your local store tells you over the phone, though, tomorrow is definitely the day to line up if you want to reserve your Wii. We recommend you start packing your pup tent now.

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