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Nintendo toys from the '70s collected

Kyle Orland

A lot of casual students of video game history probably know that Nintendo manufactured traditional Hanafuda playing cards for nearly 100 years before diving into the video game business in the '80s. But not all Nintendo fans know that the company transitioned into the game space with a line of traditional toys and games in the '60s and '70s.

A collector going by the handle dogbowl has a posted a small picture gallery containing some of the more interesting products Nintendo produced during this period. Some, like the Ultra Hand and remote control vacuum cleaner will be familiar to anyone who has played WarioWare Inc.: Mega MicroGame$. Others, like the marble race game and the spooky-looking board game pictured above will probably only be familiar to truly obsessed Nintendophiles. You can even see the inspiration for some classic NES and arcade games in toys like Wild Gunman and Mach Rider in their toy analogues. We can only hope that one day we'll get to see a Wii game based on these delightful flash cards.

(Thanks ilostmyunicorn)

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