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Only composite cables in the PS3 box -- whatever

Nick Doerr

There will be some anger here, there will be some apathy. There will probably even be some sadness. Sony isn't bundling their system with any high-def cables... just the standard composites. If you've got S-video cables or component or whatever from your PS2, chances are you can use them on the PS3. Thanks, Multi Out AV interface!

Haven't we gone over time and again the limited number of people with HDMI ports and, arguably, HD-TV's? Is it not a safer move to use a connection that every single television has and supports? Yes, it is. No question. If you have HDMI, get HDMI cables if it means that much to you. The people who twist this standard news into a negative light really need to relax. I've got an HDMI connection on my TV and you know what? I don't care. Plunking down some extra cash for the cable is just the price to pay to get the picture quality desired. Oh well. Deal with it. This is just another example of a standard announcement that people will stalk and hunt until it turns into a bad, negative piece of press.

[via Joystiq]

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