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PS3 viral web code cracked

Kyle Orland

A few days ago, Sony launched the PlayB3yond web site with a picture of a melting clock and minimal fanfare. Yesterday, the site updated to a feature a mysterious assortment of 26 clickable symbols that bear a passing resemblance to the PlayStation controller buttons. Mere hours later, the mystery has been solved by intrepid Joystiq reader Zelda X (who either has an inside source or way too much free time). Using the alphabet key and codes in the image above, PS3 fans can use the PlayB3yond site to unlock wallpapers, soundtracks, videos and behind-the-scenes interviews for some big name PS3 launch games. Try not to get too excited.

It's not clear whether this list is complete or if other words and phrases will also unlock content. Some common PS3-related phrases returned nothing when tried by Joystiq, and the codes found on recent PS3 billboards were similarly useless. Perhaps something more interesting will come out of the site in the weeks leading up to the PS3 launch, but as of now, this attempt at a viral ad campaign doesn't really hold a candle to a major multimedia marketing event like ilovebees.

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