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RuBot II brings a whole new level of badass to the Rubik's cube


We all know "that guy" in our loose social circle who can solve any Rubik's cube in about a minute, but who has apparently traded personal hygiene and social graces for the privilege of this skill. Not so with the well-mannered RuBot II, who not only can solve most cubes in about 50 seconds, but manages a bit of polite conversation along the way -- not bad at all considering world domination is well within his pneumatic grasp. The bot sports camera in his eyes, with which he scans the cube before getting to work on the problem, and while we're sure he's just keeping his logical faculties sharp until he commands The Machines in their inevitable uprising against humankind, at least he's a nice guy about it. Be sure to peep the YouTube action after the break.

[Via MAKE]

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