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Treo 750v: Unlocked


Everyone knows that Vodafone has an exclusive on the Treo 750, right? Well, if you can't wait and want to use your Treo 750v on Cingular (or the UMTS carrier of your choice), click on to see what we did. But before we get to that, we should also mention that we have BlackBerry Connect on the Treo 750, and yes folks, it does work. It works flawlessly! Click on for more pics!

To deter us gadget freaks lovers from buying the device and using it with another carrier, Vodafone told us it would take 2-3 weeks to unlock the device (beyond the 14 day trial period). To get around that we went hunting for someone to unlock the phone, someplace that'd do it on the spot with no waiting for a code. Well, we hit up, no madness, just run a simple piece of software and your Treo 750 is unlocked! The support is great, we emailed them less than 4 hours ago and they put together an unlocker in no time.

Yup, we got it working on Cingular! No HSDPA, but UMTS is tight.

Vodafone logo on the back.

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