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Australian schools to make texting a subject?

Darren Murph

Kids these days have all the luck it seems -- not only can they undermine proctors by texting answers around the classroom, but now Victorian middle-schoolers may get the chance to take SMS 101. University of Melbourne's John Frow has insinuated that teaching children the value of abbreviations commonly used in text messages may give kids the opportunity to enjoy learning about the underpinnings of the English language. While he does admit that there's no educational merit in teaching 8 to 10-year olds how to establish an after school 'roo-riding party with as few characters as possible, he feels that lessons in texting can lead to a deeper understanding about "important translations from one language to another" and give youngsters the chance to "think critically" about the way we communicate. While Federal Minister Julie Bishop has "condemned" the notion of basing a course around SMS, Victorian Education Minister Lynn Kosky is backing the Victorian school systems, but whether or not the presumably anxious students will ever get the luxury of TXTNG 4 A PROF remains to be seen.

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