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Sony Ericsson gets its licence [sic] to kill

Chris Ziegler

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The name's Ericsson, Sony Ericsson. Everyone's favorite purveyor of Walkman and UIQ-based phones seems to have paid good money to get their kit into the latest James Bond flick, Casino Royale -- and they intend to take full advantage of it, coming to the table with limited edition James Bond versions of the 3.2-megapixel K790 and K800 Cyber-shot phones. Truth be told, we think that diehard 007 fans might come away a little disappointed with the offerings, seeing how the only thing that makes them special is their new color -- silver -- and some bundled Bond-themed media (wallpaper, ringtones, and the like). Frankly, we'd expect a Bond phone to be lethal, but we suppose there might be some legal implications involved in putting that kind of thing on the market. At any rate, if silver cameraphones are your thing, better hurry: Sony Ericsson only plans on making them available through the fourth quarter to line up with the movie's release.

[Via Mobiledia, thanks Allen]

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