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Why living in a college town sucks

Jason Wishnov

And the answer? There are too many intelligent, dedicated people. As such, way too many gamers knew exactly what moment the local EB Games and Gamestop would be taking preorders, and our little town of Gainesville didn't seem to be of high priority for those little gremlins over at corporate.

Vowing to skip my morning class, I awoke at 7 AM to get ready for a preorder. I brushed my teeth, threw on my awesome Nintendo hoodie, and headed out the local mall. I arrived at around 8 AM...surely that would be early enough! After all, Wii allocations were being estimated in the 30-40 range, as Nintendo expects to have many times the number of PS3 units at launch. This is what I saw at arrival:

Were I to jump in line, I would be number 21. I ran over to the Gamestop across the mall; a similar line had already formed. I decided to throw in my lot with the EB crowd, since several representatives I had spoken with at the Fusion Tour had mentioned allocations of thirty or above. Then the employee came on out and essentially slapped us in the face: eleven units would be presold. This very store had presold twelve PS3s. Absolutely ridiculous. Here's the dividing line:

Ah, well. We all wanted the experience of camping out in the cold anyway, right? (shiver)

[Special thanks to Ian and Damon for letting me borrow their camera!]

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