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Good question: why doesn't the Xbox 360 have its own browser?

Vladimir Cole

Sony and Nintendo have promised that gamers who purchase the PlayStation 3 and Wii will be able to browse the web from the comfort of their couches. Sony will accomplish this through their own custom web browser while Nintendo has partnered with Opera Software to install a trial version of the Opera browser on the Wii.

This led a friend of mine to ask me the following question: "Why doesn't the Xbox 360 have its own browser?"

Good question, Vikas!

We don't want a complicated solution that requires an operating system (though, at any given time, we've got all kinds of computers on around the house). We just want to turn on the dang console and be able to browse Youtube every once in a while, maybe between sips of mind-slurrying substances. It'd be neat.

Now where is it?

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