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GP2x sells 30,000 units

Zack Stern

GameSpot reports that the GP2X has sold 30,000 units since its European launch earlier this year. Craig Rothwell, Director of GP32/2x Distribution, expects the Linux handheld sales to total 50,000 by the end of the year.

Is 50,000 a lot? We think it's a reasonable amount and could sustain a well-run business. According to, the ill-fated Gizmondo sold less than 5,000 units in its first three months. (Both devices were launched in the United Kingdom.) While the GP2X has had three times as long to reach 30,000, over its life-span, the GP2X has sold twice as well as the Gizmondo.

The European Nintendo DS launch dwarfed both systems, totaling 87,000 units in two days. Comparing the GP2X and DS is like comparing an office softball team with the Yankees, but that doesn't mean that both can't coexist. (And yes, the DS Phat was caught juicing, which is why the Lite is so scrawny.)

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