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OzIQ poised to launch 32-inch all-in-one PC

Evan Blass

So Apple pioneered the "PC-in-a-monitor" form factor with the iMac G5, and though other manufacturers have since followed suit, no one has been able to top Cupertino when it comes to screen size on this form factor -- until now, that is. PocketPCReviews is reporting that an Australian company called OzIQ -- which already has a range of All-in-One machines topping out at 22 inches -- is poised to release a mammoth 32-inch model called the OZ-632i7, making the 24-inch iMac look positively miniscule in comparison. Although not much information is available yet concerning the guts of this monster, spec sheets indicate that it will be powered by Core Duo and Core Solo processors, rock up to 3GB of DDR2 RAM, and presumably feature Windows Media Center Edition, seeing as it sports an internal TV tuner as well. Supposedly OzIQ is planning on pushing this one out the door "in a couple of weeks," priced at the equivalent of $3,200.

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