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Rig of the week: 6 displays are better than 1

Scott McNulty

The Rig of the Week has risen from the ashes of the Rig of the Day. It is better, stronger, and less frequent than before. We will now feature a super cool rig from the TUAW pool every Sunday.

This week features one Mac Pro hooked up to 6 23" Apple Cinema Displays. The software that is being displayed is used by geologists to analyze core samples. Imagine how productive you would be with 6 displays!

Corelyzer on 6 23" display Mac Pro by julian9.

If you'd like to see your own rig featured here, simply upload photos into our group Flickr pool. Our crack team of rigologists will scan that group for the best of the best, the rigs that deserve the title: 'Rig of the Week!'

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