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Upravlator inbound and Optimus update from Art Lebedev

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Art Lebedev, creator of the Optimus concept device, Optimus mini three, etc. has had some news to churn in the past couple of days, so let's get started: the big Optimus is still on track, but will no longer use OLEDs. Instead, it will use 32 x 32 displays (presumably LCDs), and they're aiming to keep the cost "within the range of a good mobile phone" (i.e. presumably under $1000). Art also showed off the Mac version of the mini three configurator, which we'll be happy to give a go when it's ready. Finally, Art. Lebedev Studio is preparing to announce the Upravlator this week. "A completely new kind of input device," it will apparently plug into a second VGA port and "will be a single best friend of any music engineer or video editor." Confusing as to how it'd be an "input device" per se, but stay tuned for more info on this mystery device.

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