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Casio G'zOne phone to hit Verizon Wireless' shelves

Michael Caputo

We have all cringed a bit when our cellphone has dropped out of our pocket or out of our waist holster to hit the cold concrete below and leave our perfect device with scratches, dents, a cracked display, or just simply broken. Well Verizon Wireless customers can rest a little easier with the introduction of the latest device to their ever expanding lineup, the Casio G'zOne (aka the LG CanU 502). And it's not like this phone is all show and no go either, folks, This phone is military spec water and shock resistant, and hooks you up with a 2.0 megapixel camera with video, speakerphone, supports VZ Navigator, Get It Now, and Vcast Video. Roc a fella says the device will be priced as follows: $420 full retail, $350 one year, and $300 for a two year. A little pricey for the rugged, but look for this device to in retail channels on October 23rd.

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