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LG goes crazy small with new A1 and C1 XNotes


If we recall correctly, the last time we attempted a romantic romp with our laptop in a picturesque field of flowers and greenery, we got some killer allergies and ended up tripping over some hidden crap in the grass and busting up our computer -- but we're willing to give it all another go for a chance to hang out with these sexy new A1 and C1 XNote ultraportables from LG. We're unfortunately short on details, but both laptops sport 1.2GHz Core Duo processors, 64MB GeForce 7300 Go graphics, 10.6-inch 1,366 x 768 displays (with some swivel action on the C1), along with WiBro, HSDPA and DMB. The C1 version on the left weighs a mere 2.8 pounds, and does the Tablet PC, swivel screen thing, while the A1 goes for uber-svelte at 2.2 pounds. There's no info on anything crazy like price or availability, but now that these are out in the open, LG better not be keeping their ultralight goodness -- with a yummy, WWAN/DTV center -- away from us for long.

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